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About TD Coach

Let’s face it, the modern-day education system has failed us.

Every day, we see more young people get into crippling debt in the tens and if not even hundreds of thousands.

For what?

A piece of paper that every year becomes less valued by the world and the companies that hire people.

Now don’t get us wrong, we wholeheartedly believe in education.

Without education, we would still be walking around as hunters and gatherers.

We just know that there is a better way for the passing of knowledge than our current education systems.

That is what we stand for here at TD Coach.

We help you to share and monetize your knowledge, while bettering the lives of your clients.

This all started when our founder, Chris Barry, was a lost college student with dreams of traveling the world, helping others, and making money.

He hoped his multi six-figure college education would teach him what he needed to know. It didn't.

After 4 months of theory from people who weren’t even running a business, Chris had enough.

He knew there had to be a better way to learn these skills that would allow him to live out his dreams.

That's when Chris fell onto the coaching and self help industry.

It was all the answers he was looking for.

Actual people, teaching the actual things they did to make money online.

No longer would Chris need to read hundreds of pages of a textbook to learn a business theory.

This is what finally taught Chris the skills he needed to start making money online and live out his dream.

Chris became hooked to this new, more efficient way of teaching.

It was so much better than the traditional way of education.

And even better, this new way only took a fraction of the time and money to achieve success.

Chris needed to tell everyone about this.

This is the spark that led Chris to diving headfirst to the coaching industry.

He knew there was a way for the teachers (coaches and consultants) and the students to have a win-win scenario.

Half a decade later, Chris and his teams have now helped dozens of coaches to monetize and pass on their knowledge to thousands of students.

This has resulted in thousands of changed lives and tens of millions of dollars worth of coaching program sales.

For aspiring or existing coaches, we want to help you share your knowledge to more people.

While of course making you some very handsome returns.

For aspiring coaches, we provide you a foundation to build your coaching program.

For existing coaches, we provide you a proven path to share your information with more people.

We know the education system can be better.That is what we are building here at TD Coach.

The new education system of today.

One where all parties benefit and the world becomes a better place.

Join the movement here at TD Coach to monetize your knowledge and help people in the process.